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LiveAgent is a complete help desk that allows you to provide better customer service and be more efficient by bringing all your support tickets into one dashboard.

In your LiveAgent dashboard, you’ll have multi-channel support for emaillive chat(customizable LiveAgent widget), voiceand social pages.

Yes, you read right. LiveAgent gives you access to real-time chat that will not only let you communicate with visitors but will also show you how many site visitors you have and where they are coming from.

Lifetime Access to LiveAgent

You can filter and prioritize your dashboard to stay on top of what matters most.

All the conversations that come rolling in will be turned into tickets that can be assigned, merged, split, and tagged.

This new streamlined ticket process will result in a better experience for you and your customers.

Lifetime Access to LiveAgent

LiveAgent has a built-in CRM that lets you store customer info and previous ticket history. (There’s even the ability to load more data from external CRMs/sources with API.)

You’ll also have a support portal where your customers can find answers to questions when you’re not around. (You can even quickly link to articles while in a chat!)

And when you are around, you can decide what categories you are available to respond to. For example, if you want to only answer email tickets and your partner only wants to answer social media tickets, you can do that.

In addition, LiveAgent lets you generate info on your team like time spent on LiveAgent, number of tickets resolved, and other brag-worthy stats.

Lifetime Access to LiveAgent

Businesses are nailing down their customer support with the LiveAgent All-Inclusive Plan, which includes:

Lifetime Access to LiveAgent

And even though you’d gladly shell out big bucks to consolidate your support tickets, you don’t have to today.

Sumo-lings, you can get lifetime access to this plan for just $59!


Lifetime Access to LiveAgent

Lifetime Access to LiveAgent

There’s a good chance you’ve been looking for a platform to handle your customer support tickets.

But most of the options on the market focus on serving large enterprises.

With an emphasis on serving smaller businesses, LiveAgent is more customizable and flexiblethan the other tools.

And if you already using another platform, it has an automated migration tool that makes some transitions seamless.

Lifetime Access to LiveAgent

Providing good customer service and building long-term customer relationships is all about being reliable.

That means, not letting messages slip through the cracks.

Get lifetime access to the only customer service app you’ll ever need.


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